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When I was in school I found it very difficult to make new friends, and to fit in. This was due to being in foster care and moving schools a lot. When starting a new school I always had to make the teachers aware I was in foster care, just in case I had an appointment with my social worker during school time. Having these appointments during school time was the hardest, they made me different, and no one else had to leave the class for an hour or so. Then there were always the questions afterwards, 'Whatís so special about her that she gets to skip a lesson?'

Other issues include everyday life such as holidays (motherís day, fatherís day, Christmas) I felt like no one understood why it was so hard for me to sit down and make a card 'for the best mother in the world'.

This impacted on my life, I was being bullied for getting special treatment from teachers and losing friends because they didnít understand. Feeling isolated and alone is the worst feeling in the world, even though being in school with over 200 people I was still alone.

This pack is to help (not tell) teachers and pupils to understand, from a young personís point of view, what it is like being in foster care and having an education. From this pack I hope teachers can take a step back and start thinking about the young personís needs and feelings. I hope pupils will get a better understanding of something they might not fully understand. Overall, I would like my experiences to make a change within the schools, and to make people more aware about people in foster care.

Naina Thomas
Bath and North East Somerset In Care Council

'Even though we created these scenarios I still find it hard to watch them Ė itís my life weíre talking about.'
(In Care Council Member)

The making of the In Care, In School films can be viewed here.